Our experienced team of planners, designers, and builders specializing in a wide range of residential, commercial, and public sector projects.


We specialize in high quality structures and excellence in all aspects of our field. We offer complete wall and ceiling systems: framing, boarding, finishing, textures, painting & decorating. In addition, we handle drywall repairs & water damage. We pride ourselfs on being professional, reliable, precise, and thorough. We show up on time and offer competitive pricing. Call 503-320-7435 for a free estimate!


As a licensed, bonded, and insured company with a well-trained crew, we do high quality work with attention to detail and accuracy. We have a great track record and know that it is more efficient to do things right the first time. We are not only professional and reliable, but our prices are also quite reasonable.


Green building is about the construction of energy efficient buildings, sustainability, and the design behind them. Building with sustainability in mind helps to conserve resources, both economically and environmentally. Bronze Construction Services strives to be resourceful when it comes to doing our part to help the environment. Lowering construction waste by reducing the amount of needed materials, reusing items when possible, and recycling benefits everyone and is also cost effective.