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Construction Site Safety

The construction industry is one of the most hazardous fields to work in. Whether you are a single contractor doing a small renovation or a multi-level firm building a large commercial project, hazards can appear in many different ways. Dangerous situations range from inhaling dust or fumes to being struck by large equipment. The reality [...]

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Vernonia Remodel – Part 2

[huge_it_gallery id="17"] After the completion of the updated foundation, it was time to focus on the floor plan of the house. The first floor had been the original main entry to the house and sometime in the house's recent past, the previous owner had modified the original floor plan making the first floor a strange [...]

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Vernonia Remodel – Part 1

Bronze Construction Services was chosen to provide a full remodel of a two story, older home with a full attic in the small  Vernonia, Oregon. Vernonia was a small logging town in the Cascade mountains of Oregon which has since become a pleasant vacation community with a rich history. Hopefully restoring this house will help [...]

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62nd House Remodel

Bronze acquired a house in Tigard, Oregon to remodel and resell back to the public. The House was originally built in the 1970's and is located on a dead end street next to a creek bed. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a full garage. [huge_it_gallery id="6"] The House was in need [...]

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Small House Renovation

We have recently started renovating a small residential house located in Beaverton, OR. This house was built in the early 1900's and is on a fairly large lot. The house is only around 1600 sqft with storage attic space. We plan on using green technologies in the renovation including using recycled materials for construction, energy [...]

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Green insulation options

Insulation for construction comes in many forms. Depending on a variety of conditions such as location on the project (interior, exterior, attic, basement, etc.), the climate/moisture of your area, and availability of products, there a many options to go green! Insulation now comes in a variety of materials. No longer do you have to head [...]

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Advanced Framing Techniques

Advanced Framing, also known as Optimum Value Engineering (OVE), includes construction techniques that can increase the efficiency of construction while minimizing cost. Advanced Framing creates a plan that effectively reduces the amount of material and labor that is currently used in the construction of a building while maintaining the structural integrity of the building while [...]

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Drywall and the 3 R’s

One of the biggest waste potential aspects of construction is hanging drywall.  We at Bronze Construction are committed to lowering that waste by reducing the amount of drywall needed, reusing larger drywall pieces that would be waste on other locations, and recycling whenever possible. Reducing, reusing, and recycling drywall provides the following benifits: Creating business [...]

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